Firms challenged over ‘distressing’ repossession ad and incorrectly listing home for sale

Firms challenged over ‘distressing’ repossession ad and incorrectly listing home for sale

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has resolved a host of complaints made against property firms who were accused of indulging in misleading marketing.


Move Inn Estates was the subject of a complaint over an advert on Zoopla, which included information about a house for sale.

The owner of the property in question complained, arguing that the property was not actually for sale, prompting the ASA to get involved.

The agent has now removed the ad.


Repossession claims

AX 365 Property Services, a mortgage servicing firm, was subject of a complaint over a direct mailing campaign which implied that the recipient’s home could be repossessed.

The complainant argued the ad could cause distress and was not clearly labelled as marketing material.

The firm agreed to amend the mailing to make it clear that it was an advert.


False claims

A third complaint centred on a door drop leaflet from Rain Properties, which trades as Property Purchased Fast.

The leaflet included claims that the firm had been featured on publications like The Sunday Times, the Evening Standard, CNN and the FT, as well as that the firm was registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

A complainant challenged whether these claims could be substantiated. While the firm provided evidence to show that it was registered with the ICO, the ASA instructed it to not use logos of the other publications as it was misleading.


Mortgage Solutions has contacted all three firms for comment.

SOURCE: mortgagesolutions

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