Criteria Hub offers more criteria choice

Criteria Hub has been enhanced to offer advisers more criteria choice and a unique way of highlighting the importance of their clients’ multiple selection options when sourcing.

The criteria-based sourcing solution from Mortgage Brain uses technology to help advisers match the needs of the customer with those of lenders.

Mortgage advisers using the system are now also able to select up to six specific search criteria at any one time as part of an enhanced search capability. This is in addition to the single and unlimited criteria searches already available.

Each of the selected search criteria can be individually highlighted as ‘critical criteria’ enabling advisers to state which criteria are deemed as ‘deal breakers’ based on their client’s individual circumstances.

Mortgage Brain chief executive officer Mark Lofthouse (pictured) says: “Having the ability to identify specific lending criteria as critical from the outset, particularly criteria that will affect client applications in part or full, allows advisers to offer the best possible advice solution to their clients.

“The extended multi-search functionality, with its ‘critical criteria’ selection option, will enable advisers to obtain and identify the most suitable lenders in the shortest possible time and dramatically improving the overall customer journey.”

A video tutorial available on the Criteria Hub dashboard has been created to enable advisers to quickly get up to speed with the new features and functionalities.

Mortgage Brain announced the acquisition of Criteria Hub last month.

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