Brightstar to offer conveyancing with When You Move

Brightstar Financial has launched a new conveyancing service for brokers in partnership with When You Move.

The service provides tailored conveyancing quotes and access to an onsite conveyancing conversion specialist, according to the firm.

It also allows for a broker to compare all of the quotes based on rating, location, price and availability.

Brokers who submit an application will receive feedback from an estimated 20 conveyancers.

Furthermore, When You Move provides a web and mobile app with live notifications and status updates every 72 hours.

Brightstar Financial director of operations William Lloyd comments: “Conveyancing is such an important part of the process and we wanted to give our brokers access to [When You Move’s] panel.

“When You Move impressed us with their technology, but also their commitment to supporting this technology with specialist experts whose job it is to drive a case through to completion.”

When You Move chief revenue officer Daniel Rodgers adds: “With the new conveyancing service from When You Move, we will be able to provide brokers using Brightstar with an end-to-end digital journey that leads to greater transparency and increased conversions.

“I think this is unique in the market and it can provide brokers with a better experience for their clients.”

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