New bridging finance company ‘The Loan Market’ launches

Broker Simon Juniper has launched The Loan Market, a new debt brokerage.

The Loan Market will offer bridging loans, property development and commercial finance, and residential and buy-to-let mortgages for unusual cases. On top of this, Juniper says that it will also provide residential mortgages through a third-party provider.

When asked why he wanted to start a new company, Juniper says that, “I have been a one-man band since I sold my previous company two years ago. I decided that I wanted to come back and be a part of a team again.”

He adds that the new company, which he has been readying since October 2018, will bring a personal touch to the market, which he firmly believe his competitors cannot compete on.

He says: “I personally visit all of our clients, I travel to people’s houses and try to help everyone the best I can.

“We view the personal touch as a focal point in the process – we know everything there is about bridging and rates and we want our clients to as well.

“Most brokers will stay in their offices and tell their clients to fill out forms,” he continues. “Whereas we will visit all our client’s homes and go through the whole process with them,” he adds.

The Loan Market currently comprises four people, and Juniper says he wants to hire an additional 12 before capping its personnel growth.

He explains: “I ran a company before, which had about 50 people, and I feel that it was far too many – you lose touch with your clients.”

When asked about the current political climate and if it is a good environment for starting a new business, Juniper says that “people always need money.

“Bridging has been around so long that I do not think the political climate will have much of an effect on it at all.

“However, what is affected is the house prices – and these are dropping. People thinking that house prices will drop makes them drop.”

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