Habito extends “Hell or Habito” campaign

Online mortgage broker Habito has released two new TV spots to support its “Hell or Habito” campaign that was first announced in September last year.

Coming in at 10 seconds each, both advertisements feature colourful characters whose efforts to understand mortgage paperwork sends them close to death before Habito comes to the rescue.

Both advertisements are available to view on the firm’s YouTube channel.

Habito chief marketing officer Abba Newbury says: “Our ads are deliberately colourful, playful and irreverent. But while the scenarios are heavily dramatised they reflect an all-too real truth: that people find the process of getting a mortgage utterly hellish.

“For too long the odds have been stacked against customers. Baffling jargon and a lack of transparency when it comes to switching means they are completely disempowered… we are turning the mortgage market on its head and putting customers back in the driving seat.”

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