Majority of public unhappy with leasehold system: HOA

The majority of UK adults believe that the leasehold system is a serious problem, according to the HomeOwners Alliance.

The data comes from a YouGov poll conducted on the consumer group’s behalf and considered the opinions of over 2,000 adults in the UK, 60 per cent of whom expressed distaste at the current system.

The alliance reports that in 2015, 42 per cent of those asked gave the same answer to the same question.

It was only earlier this month that the housing, communities and local government committee stated that the current leasehold system “needs to be reformed”.

HomeOwners Alliance chief executive Paula Higgins says: “[We urge] the government to take action now to abolish the leasehold system.

“Only last week MPs highlighted that fact that developers, freeholders and managing agents treat homeowners as a source of steady profit.

“If the government was really serious about this then it should commit itself to widespread reform instead of the piecemeal approach [it] have adopted – making well intentioned announcements with no timetable for action.

“It can’t hide behind Brexit while homeowners continue being mis-sold leasehold, left trapped in their own homes with rising ground rents and unable to buy the freehold.”

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