Brightstar launches new broker service

Brightstar has launched a new broker service under its Private Label brand.

The new service focuses on residential first charge cases of over £500,000 – and circumstances such as complex incomes, non-standard property types, foreign nationals or the need for a higher income multiplier will be considered.

It also provides brokers with access to exclusive lenders and products as well as allowing them to choose between a traditional non-advised packaged service and a referral option, where a broker can refer their case to Sirius Property Finance.

The Private Label brand was originally launched in the 1990s and relaunched by Brightstar in the summer of 2017 with the aim of servicing high value cases.

Brightstar chief executive Rob Jupp comments: “Private Label is an iconic brand in the mortgage market, and we relaunched it as a platform to innovate new products.

“This got some traction, but we felt there was potential to do more with the brand and so held a number of focus groups with brokers to see what they needed.

“The feedback we received was that they wanted a service to assist them with high value cases, and the complexities that come with them.”

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