Sunderland most affordable city for FTBs

Sunderland is the most affordable city for first-time buyers, with the price of a typical one-bedroom property just 2.4 times the average salary, Mortgage Strategy analysis has found.

London was least affordable with one-bed properties typically priced at more than 12 times the average salary.

Comparison website Moneysupermarket pulled together data on the typical price of one-bedroom properties and the average salary in the UK’s 35 most-populated cities.

Mortgage Strategy analysed the data to determine which cities had the highest and lowest affordability based on the income multiple of one-bed property price compared to local salary.

Figures were based on one-bedroom properties listed for sale on while average salaries were based on research by the Centre for Cities.

With an average salary of £27,836 and one-bed properties priced at £66,715, Sunderland came top for affordability.

In London there was a huge gulf between the typical one-bed property price of £486,924 and the average salary of just over £39,000.

Armagh, Newry, Derby, Hull, Bradford Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle and then Aberdeen were the next most affordable after Sunderland.

In each of these cities a first-time buyer can acquire a one-bedroom home for just under three times the average salary.

After London, Bath, Oxford, Brighton, York, Bristol and Edinburgh were the least affordable.

In each of these cities a one-bedroom home costs more than six times the average salary.

City Income multiple
Sunderland 2.396750923
Armagh 2.575185281
Newry 2.582111134
Derby 2.657314703
Kingston upon Hull 2.737889984
Bradford 2.789720509
Stoke-on-Trent 2.81243793
Newcastle upon Tyne 2.887756355
Aberdeen 2.979145978
Glasgow 3.268930112
Wakefield 3.300338226
Belfast 3.312973334
Wolverhampton 3.48161668
Liverpool 3.603680482
Chester 3.627749461
Coventry 3.653484364
Plymouth 3.827278471
Leeds 3.940314129
Sheffield 4.001373626
Nottingham 4.160903751
Peterborough 4.238341969
Leicester 4.502954781
Swansea 4.568169875
Cardiff 4.622058824
Southampton 4.749696987
Portsmouth 5.003152585
Birmingham 5.519223707
Manchester 5.690127034
Edinburgh 6.076174038
Bristol 6.403697914
York 7.118811033
Brighton and Hove 7.178498357
Oxford 7.261058948
Bath 8.302221029
London 12.4619684

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