Biggest property/casualty insurance groups include: Erie InsuranceAmerican Financial, State Farm, Berkshire Hathaway,  Liberty Mutual, Allstate, Fairfax Financial Holdings, W.R. Berkley.

Erie Insurance: Direct Premiums Written: $6.6 billion, Market Share: 1.0%, American Financial: Direct Premiums Written: $5.9 billion, Market Share: 0.9%, Berkshire Hathaway: Direct Premiums Written: $38.4 billion, Market Share: 6.0%,  AIG: Direct Premiums Written: $14.0 billion, Market Share: 2.2%,  Markel Corporation: Direct Premiums Written: $4.4 billion, Market Share: 0.7%


  1. Allstate Insurance is one of the leading auto insurers in the nation. This company is rated an A+ in financial stability according to A.M. Best, one of the top independent insurance rating companies. This indicates that the company is financially stable and can meet its present and future financial obligations.
  2. AF Mutual Auto is rated an A++ by A.M. Best, indicating that it is extremely financially stable.
  3. Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance received an A rating from A.M. Best. This is still a perfect indicator of financial stability.
  4. Farm Bureau received an A- as a financial strength rating, which is nonetheless a very good indicator of financial strength also.
  5. Auto Club Group
  6. Progressive
  7. Auto-Owners Insurance Co


These are some of the top auto insurance companies among drivers in Troy, Michigan. You’ll probably have heard of most of them, but don’t forget that popular doesn’t always mean best. It sometimes just means a big advertising budget.

If you ask your friends and family for car insurance recommendations, they’ll probably mention some of these names. It’s definitely worth contacting them for a quote, but remember that the best rates are often hidden, so cast your net as widely as you can.


When choosing an auto insurance provider, take price into account, but also looks at key factors such as reputation, customer service, and claims process.


Now that you have the inside scoop on some of the best Michigan auto insurance companies, you are ready to start shopping around for prices. With premiums in the state being so high, you may just want to find the cheapest provider, but it’s worth it in the long run to find an insurer that can give you the best package and that understands the needs of Michigan drivers.

The easiest and most efficient way to get the quotes you need is to use a free online car insurance quote tool. Fill in your information once in the online form, and you will be provided with a variety of top MI car insurance company quotes.

The percentage of people with health insurance coverage for all or part of 2017 was 91.2 percent, not statistically different from the rate in 2016 (91.2 percent). Between 2016 and 2017, the number of people with health insurance coverage increased by 2.3 million, up to 294.6 million.


Community Life, a German start-up, launched a digital portal which offers simple, transparent disability and term life products, as well as empowering customers to engage in product development. The Community Life portal acts as an insurance broker, turning the traditional life insurance distribution trope on its head through the use of simple insurance contracts without technical jargon.

Max Life Insurance, one of India’s leading life carriers, has launched a digital campaign called “Second Chance” to create public awareness of the need for protection through life insurance. The campaign uses videos of human-interest stories on social media platforms, such as  YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, and directs viewers to a website to learn more about life insurance.


ERGO Direkt, a subsidiary of ERGO Group and the third-largest direct life insurer in Germany, enables customers to use an electronic signature to buy term life insurance online after entering their data and answering health questions on their smartphone. Customers receive their policies within three business days.

Genertel Life in Italy has launched I-Life, a life insurance policy which can be easily accessed by users of mobile devices. Prospective customers are provided with a full quote online in around five minutes. The product includes incentives that reward customers who take care of their health. If they take advantage of the free medical checkup, for example, they receive an immediate discount of 10 percent on their policy premium and a further 10 percent if they are found to be in good health.


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